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Our scholarship program speaks to the mission of TrimbleXperience, which is, providing great educational opportunities to some of the best students in Brasov.

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From software development to design engineering, students benefit from a network of interconnections. The wonderful thing about TrimbleXperience is that it gives you a very powerful dose of knowledge and mentorship, and it equips you with a critical way of thinking on an up-to-date and interesting platform. We think this is the best kind of preparation, both for future study, and for what you’re going to do out there, in the real world.

TrimbleXperience is going to be a wonderful place for you to develop in. People will challenge you but, more importantly, you will challenge yourself. Your development will be accelerated, you will meet new people, you will interact with other people who are equally ambitious, and you will bring together a variety of perspectives from various fields of study.

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